Empowering Disadvantaged Women.

The Absolute Woman Empowerment Initiative is a non-governmental organisation set up for empowering financially disadvantaged women and women disadvantaged by circumstances (internally displaced women, victims of war, domestic and social abuse) between the ages of 18 and 45 in West Africa with the aim of reducing poverty, achieving shared prosperity while building resilience. 

What We Do

Empower Me Project

Our Empower Me project is a skill acquisition training and capacity building program aimed at helping women acquire skills to earn incomes that would enable them to fend for themselves and their families. Here, we partner with artisans who volunteer to teach them wig making, tailoring, confectioneries, and agricultural products such as Garri Making, Tomato Paste making etc.

Health = Wealth

We partner with NGOs in health care to nurture their health, childbirth and child care to reduce child and maternal mortality rates, treat ailments and sensitize them on vaccinations and other disease prevention techniques for HIV, COVID-19, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis and other communicable diseases. Partner with other NGOs dealing with victims of abuse such as domestic abuse, rape e.tc. for re-orientation and counselling.

News & Updates