Our Offerings

Empower Me

This is a skill acquisition training and Capacity Building aimed at helping women acquire skills to earn incomes that would enable them to fend for themselves and their families. Here, we partner with artisans who volunteer to teach them wig making, tailoring, confectioneries, and agricultural products such as Garri Making, Tomato Paste making etc.

Health = Wealth

Partner with NGOs in health care to nurture their health, childbirth and child care to reduce child and maternal mortality rates, treat ailments and sensitize them on vaccinations and other disease prevention techniques for HIV, COVID-19, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis and other communicable diseases. Partner with other NGOs dealing with victims of abuse such as domestic abuse, rape e.tc. for re-orientation and counselling.

Integration for Disabled Women/Prisoners

Help disabled women transition from school to work, educate them on work life balance, teach them soft skills to cope with the work environment such as effective communication skills, emotional intelligence, people management, time management, leadership skills, attaining visibility at work. Also help Prisoners integrate back into the society, teach them etiquette, soft skills, skills acquisition to help them to be financially independent.

Micro Credit and Business Management/Advisory

Teach Women how to manage their business better for profit. Provide expansion and diversification advice for them, basic accounting skills. Encourage and provide financial assistance and advisory for women to participate in male dominated businesses. Also help them to regain their financial independence through access to Micro credits to start or rebuild their businesses.

Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy

To help financially disadvantaged women to access the financial system, financial products, and financial services such as savings accounts, micro credits. etc. Also to ensure that women regardless of their level of education are equipped with the financial knowledge needed to operate their businesses. Some of these trainings would be conducted in their local languages and in an informal manner.

AWEI Marketplace

A marketplace on Instagram and Facebook for the sale of Agricultural Produces and services rendered by financially disadvantaged to grant them access to online markets reducing the barriers of access to markets.